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Discipline is a very common need.  When I say back to basics, I mean back to when you had your first experiences with discipline.  When you were a small child a parent was probably the first person to tell you, "No!" and give you some discipline.  Later it may have been a sibling, baby sitter, or aunt who disciplined you when you were being naughty.   Often after that you received your discipline from a teacher or principle. Let's face it.  You miss the structure of having someone discipline you when you mess up.  It frustrates you as an adult because you have no outlet for this need.  Likewise, if you were never disciplined as a child you are probably even more frustrated because you may not even understand that you have this need.  Either way, I suggest that you take my advice on this issue and you will feel much better.  The benefits of my discipline will help you stay more focused and confident in your day to day life.  You will have a sense of purpose and direction.  Physically and emotionally, my discipline can help you release stress the way it did when you were a child.   I am sure that you remember feeling very bad when ever you got into trouble.  However, after being disciplined you felt much better as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.  There was a sense of closure and comfort that came from the discipline.  Now that you are lacking discipline, you really miss what it did for you.  
  • verbal correction 
  • guidance
  • scolding
  • lecturing
  • verbal humiliation
  • corner time
  • isolation
  • denial
  • rules
  • consequences
  • written assignments or lines
  • physical humiliation
  • regression 
  • feminization
  • dress code
  • standards
  • service
  • chores
  • physical correction
  • spankings
  • corporal punishment
  • paddling
  • ruler
  • strap
  • belt
  • hair brush
  • wire hanger
  • sandal
  • fly swatter
  • other handy household items
  • caning
Does any of this sound pleasantly familiar to you?  Perhaps, you are in need of some form of discipline which is currently foreign to your psyche.  At any rate, it is here when you need it.  Provided that you do give me some notice, of course.  I have many naughty boys to attend, as well as a life of my own.