Located in Dallas, Texas

Full Scale Private Fully Equipped Dungeon

Avoiding Dismissal

You may one day have the privilege of seeing me face to face in the flesh or perhaps you may be allowed to speak with me personally for an initial interview prior to our meeting. Whatever the case may be you should keep in mind that first impressions are lasting ones. You don't want to screw up after you finally get your foot in the door. Likewise, there are certain criteria that I use in selecting potential clients and slaves. If I find that you are not living up to your potential you will be dismissed from service.If you would like to avoid this dismal fate here are some pointers to help you stay in my good favor.
  • Remember your manners. Hopefully you learned some of these from your mother, at school, or even during military training.
  • Remember that ladies are treated with respect and honor. However, if you do not understand this concept it is not to late to learn.
  • Be yourself. I am interested in your sincere service to me. You must be stripped of all pretenses. At the office in the mundane world you may be the "Big Cheese." At least some of you have that silly idea stuck in your head. Whether this is true or not I for one am not impressed by doctors, lawyers, CEOs, stockbrokers, techies, entrepreneurs, or any other title you may throw around with other people. Be real for once.
  • Be considerate of others especially Prima Domina Lady of Malice. We all have schedules and commitments. We all have places to be and important things to do. Do not assume that you are more important than anybody else that serves me. I alone will be the judge of that.
  • Do not impose your personal desires onto Prima Domina Lady of Malice. I will not put up with pushy slaves or clients. I do take note of favored interests when politely brought to my attention in writing, but I do not take orders from slaves. As a dominatrix I will decide whether you should be punished or rewarded. I will also decide when, where and how. Your limits respected of course.
  • Do not ask too many personal questions. I will not ask you about your personal life, job, wife, or family. I expect the same courtesy. However, you may feel free to tell me anything that you feel comfortable sharing in confidence and trust.
  • Do not insist on telling me how good looking you are, how much money you have, or how much I would enjoy having you in my service. I will appreciate you if I find that you really are a good reliable servant or client.
  • Do not ask for discounts. I am not a discount dominatrix, but I am fair.
  • Finally, remember that I do have a proper name. I do not like my slaves, clients or anybody else calling me "Mistress" out of laziness. You could be meeting or serving many mistresses at this time, but I deserve to be addressed by my name when you are speaking to me in person while in my service.